The Nib Magazine Issue 2: Family

We’ve got Family issues.

A few thousand of them, in fact. Fresh from the printer.

We are proud to announce The Nib magazine’s Family issue! It’s packed with 112 pages of comics delving into all things family: immigration, the price tag of pregnancy, growing up in a cult, divorce, family feuds, immortal cells and more!

For the Family issue, we pulled in some of our best contributors to explore the fundamental social unit that — for better or worse — has shaped most of us into who we are.

  • Nicole Georges interviews Alison Bechdel about how writing a memoir changed her family and herself.

  • Ryan Devereaux of The Intercept reports on a Brazilian father and son separated at the border, illustrated by Katie Wheeler.

  • Mathew and Jake New, a pair of twin brothers attend a twins festival in Twinsberg, Ohio, to report back on their findings.

  • Four queer cartoonists on how they are defining family for themselves—L. Nichols, Luke Healy, Robyn Jordan, and Archie Bongiovanni.

  • Features by Sarah Glidden, Mike Dawson, Maki Naro, Andy Warner and Eleri Harris.

  • Dispatches by Emily Flake, Matt Bors, Teddy Hose, Vreni Stollberger, Joe Decie, Chelsea Saunders, Keith Knight and Andy Warner.

  • Strips by Kendra Wells, Ruben Bolling, Nomi Kane, Matt Lubchansky, Jon Rosenberg, Gemma Correll, Joey Alison Sayers and Ben Passmore.

  • Stats by Olivia Walsh, contributions by Erlend Sandøy and Sim Mau, with covers and illustrations by Jillian Tamaki.


Each print issue also comes with an exclusive “Keep Families Together” sticker designed by Maria Stoian because, at The Nib, we’re pro-family. None of this throwing children in cages business for us, thank you.

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We’ve got a family of cartoonists to support.

— The Nib Team

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